10 Frequently Asked Questions


What is a birth doula?

A birth doula is a person who provides support and guidance during labor.


Is having a doula worth it?

You better believe they are! Studies show that doulas reduce need for medical interventions. Consider the fact that c-sections cost about $20k more than natural vaginal births. Who doesn’t want to save 20 thousand dollars? Birth doulas are your advocate during your birthing experience. It’s a much more personal experience that allows the doula to go to your home and/or be on call to ensure you are heard and cared for by a trained individual. This service has the potential to be lifesaving, there’s no price on that.


However, let’s breakdown the services.

$500: 10 weeks of unlimited call and text support ($50/week)

$100: 2 prenatal visits ($50/visit)

$1344: 4 weeks of being on call [ready to be present for your labor despite any major life events pertaining to your doula] ($2/hr)

$360: Continuous support through labor and birth of baby [average labor about 20hrs] ($18/hr)

$50: 1 postpartum visit


Total Cost: $2354

BumbleBees charges $900-$1200 for birth doulas. It’s more than worth it.

We save you about $1454

FYI: Average birth doula costs range from $800-$2500, varying by location.


How is a doula different from a midwife?

Doulas are trained to provide emotional support during labor. Midwives are trained to provide medical support. Midwifes are like ob/gyn doctors in that, they go to school for years to be trained to deliver (catch) babies. Midwives typically handle low risk pregnancies while doctors are trained to handle more complicated births. Doulas do not diagnose any conditions and are present to help you cope with the physical aspects of labor that doctors, midwives, and nurses don’t have time to offer individual patients


Are doulas covered by insurance?

Some insurances do reimburse you for the cost of your doula! Consult your insurance company to see if this is covered by your plan.


Are payment plans available?

Many doulas offer payment plans. Doulas are present to make your birth plan as simple as possible. At BumbleBees we do offer payment plans, simply ask during your consult.

Tip: Your birth worker wants to help you. We ask that you respect the services that are provided by birth workers.

If you can’t afford what is asked by the company you choose, they may have references of newly trained doulas who offer their services at a cost that fits your financial needs.


Is A doula only for women who want a natural birth?

Absolutely not! There are many different types of doulas that are present for every need ranging from abortion and fertility all the way to birth and post-partum care. Bumblebees doulas support women during labor and delivery, with brief post-partum care. Whether you would like to have a c-section or a natural vaginal birth, we’ve got your back, literally and physically.


I’m having a hospital birth/planned c-section, can a doula help me?

Of course! Find the doula that fits your personality and birthing needs. At BumbleBees we have techniques to help you in the OR, as surgery can be quite an overwhelming experience. We will be by your side in whatever environment you feel need.


I had a c-section, can I have a vaginal birth?

It depends on the type of incision your ob/gyn made during your previous pregnancy. Transverse (horizontal) incisions allow you greater chance of being able to deliver vaginally. The key is to find a doctor who is willing to allow you the opportunity to deliver vaginally. Vertical incisions make vbac (vaginal birth post c-section) quite risky and many physicians will not allow you the option to deliver vaginally with this incision.


I’ve had a few kids already, should I hire a doula?

The choice is entirely up to you. There are women who decide they need a doula after their first birth experience with just a partner and medical providers. There are women who decide that they don’t want a doula after previously having one, that change their mind last minute. There are women who couldn’t imagine birthing without a doula.


When should I hire a birth doula?

Around week 25 is a good time to start looking for doulas. At BumbleBees, we like to meet with you and your ob/gyn, or midwife, at least once. We want to make sure we have enough time to review your birth plan and what to expect during labor and delivery. It would be great to be ready for baby by week 38. However, it is never too late to hire a birth doula. If you are in labor and realize you need a doula last minute, we’ll do our best to be there to see you through.