Free 1-hour


Childbirth Course 

Regularly $40/family


We're getting together to chat about the 6 Healthy Birth practices that every birthing person should know.

Bring your partner and your pj's, let's talk childbirth!

Check out the events page to register and learn more!

Hosted by Niya MSc.


45-minute* Childbirth Course

This is a Lamaze inspired snapshot of the full childbirth education course.

It is about a 45-minute virtual education option for you and your partner.


In this course, we discuss what to do to ensure you are equipped with the knowledge so your birth experience is as informed, and smooth, as possible.


This course is a great option if you:

1) Need a preview of the in-depth 12-hour course

2) Are on a tight budget

3) You have procrastinated and need the quick version of what to do during labor

*Due to COVID-19 prices listed are already discounted and subject to increase 

In-person 12-hour

Childbirth Course 

We will be offering a 12-hour course tailored to

inform you on how to include

the 6 healthy birth practices during childbirth.

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In person