Niya Clark

Hello Queen, and welcome to the BumbleBee hive, we've been waiting for you.

I started Bumblees so birthing mothers would be surrounded by knowledgeable and caring individuals to assist them during childbirth. My goal is to help mothers focus on one thing, the healthy birth of their baby. 

I trained with DONA international to become a birth doula. I've trained with Lamaze to become a childbirth educator. I have a bachelor's degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Central Florida. I have a master's degree from the University of Florida in Medical Microbiology and Biochemistry. 

With the knowledge I've obtained from years of schooling I decided to focus on what I'm passionate about, women's health, and particularly childbirth. 

I'm glad you buzzed by on by. Now, let us get to know you so we can build the best birthing community for you.

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